Negative cafe review backfires in the UK

Negative cafe review backfires in the UK

A cafe client who claims he submitted a”witty” online review was stunned when the company owner publicly and savagely hit back.

Regardless of the cafe getting a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on Facebook, Mr Masey discovered the cafe to be somewhat too hipster for his liking.

“I’m not 21 anymore, I prefer sitting on a chair rather than a scaffolding plank,” he posted online.

“I don’t like zoning (laptop only areas, laptop-free zones etc), moody teenage servers are NOT cool and I prefer to not pay through the nose for anything (Greggs was busy).”

The ex-restaurateur stated in his review that he was not certain why he was there.

But the witty review didn’t entertain the cafe owner, who responded with:”You sir are a miserable c**t, stick to Gregg’s.”

The response received 14 responses on Facebook and amazed Mr Masey, who said he had never been known as miserable and advised the cafe they had to increase their online service.

The manager of this cafe, Harry Petrakas, said his group were gifted people and he took it personally that somebody came to disparage his team.

Mr Masey said he’d run restaurants around Brighton for a minimum of five decades and was rather taken aback by the statements.

The article has since been deleted from Facebook, but not before it had been seen by some fans of the cafe.

A review was recently posted online in reaction to the negative comments that said the cafe was “better than Greggs! Finest staff around!!

Another reviewer hadn’t even been to Marwood but said they had the best customer service around because of their response to Mr Masey.


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