Kitchen Design Trends of 2020

Kitchen Design Trends of 2020

Quite often, homeowners are looking for new trends that can refresh their homes, and the kitchen is the most common. Who hasn’t thought of adding some cute beach homewares to spice up their kitchen area? Last year we saw trends in two-toned kitchen cabinets and banquette style seating – but what is in store for this year?

Well, I’ve skimmed through all the major design magazines and podcasts and I’ve collected the biggest trends we should be looking to implement in 2020. 

Concealed storage

Clients are continuing to move towards having storage concealed, through clean integration within our kitchen designs. With these improved storage solutions, we can hide the mess that is our dry-food cupboard and display clean surfaces throughout the kitchen.

Gunmetal and pewter hardware

Gunmetal and pewter hardware is a trend that everyone loves at the moment. The good thing about these is that they don’t come off as harsh as brass, gold or matt black usually would. Instead, they are able to give off a level of depth and texture to the fixtures.

Open shelving

Another popular trend is replacing kitchen cabinets with wood, metal or glass open shelving. This idea was inspired by retail spaces and hotels. It gives off a bold statement, which is something that everyone wants in their home. This trend follows the minimalist interior trends that have dominated the past decade. Have a look at globe west furniture for inspiration in this area! 

Having a vintage vibe

Something that is gaining popularity in 2020 is the more vintage-inspired elements, mixed in modern designs. Things like natural stone, handmade rattan furniture, vintage lighting and fixtures and organic basalt tiles have all taken up a lot of space in the designer magazines. 

Bright coloured upholstery

In 2019 the trend of pure white kitchens has gone. We are now seeing coloured upholstery just like blue counter stools, powdered coated island pendants with pops of colours and patterned roman shades and taking over the plain white kitchens.

Using wood

People are always trying to find ways to connect with nature. It gives us a welcoming and calming environment, and it provides us with versatile materials that everyone loves – wood! We are seeing a desire for more airy spaces that feel lighter, and wood works well when trying to achieve that.

Coloured cabinetry

People are bringing more and more colour into their kitchens, and one way that was popular in 2019 (and still is today) is coloured cabinets. Making the change from plain white cabinets to big, colourful statement cabinets will significantly improve your space. Let the cabinets create the mood! Deep greys, greens and washed blues are popular choices. They are often paired with hardware and fixtures that are either made of brass or other contrasting materials.

Contrasting textures

Sleek finishes and contrasting textures can make for interesting additions to your home. For example, you could combine mirrored backsplashes (that have a highly polished marble worktop), with cupboards that have textures in bronze with matte cupboards. These are often found with sandblaster timbers to create a layered look. People want their kitchen to have raw materials that are able to shine just on their own. Shiplap, jute wood and stone tend to work well in kitchen settings.

Integrated appliances

These days, no one keeps clunky appliances at home. Instead, We are seeing slim appliances (that can turn on automatically!), and they are stronger than what we have seen in the past. The induction cooktops are also becoming popular, as they have a tidy, seamless look. 

Pendant light fixtures

Hanging pendants create a statement, and they are important to separate different areas within open-plan spaces. For example, you might want to hang them above your kitchen bench – to distinguish the kitchen from the rest of the living room. This is a great look and it is practical too.

With so many trends out there, there is bound to be something that suits your taste and budget. Play around and use your imagination to create a beautiful and modern look in your kitchen. 


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