How To Build Your Own Verandah

How To Build Your Own Verandah

Before you jump straight into adding a veranda to your home, you need to spend some time on the planning stage which can, in turn, can save you both money and regret. There are a few things you might need before starting, such as wood and the right traditional timber oil. Make sure you have all your products before you start building – to avoid leaving the project half-finished. 

Here are some handy tips to help you build your own veranda:

Time to choose the right part of your area that you want to cover

So, this might seem obvious, but there is nothing worse than when you add an extension onto your home, and it looks like it has been glued on with a child’s glue stick. The back of your home might be where you want your veranda to go; to create an entertaining outdoor area. This might be especially suitable if you have a great view from the front. If you have more room to the side of your home, then you can consider putting the veranda there instead. Walk around your boundary to determine the best place to put a veranda.

Designing the layout 

Homes that were built with a veranda around the house is known to be a more traditional style and is a good option if you have the room and the funds. These days homes have got more prominent, and many homeowners prefer to stick to a design that limits the veranda to go on one side of the house. If you have the funds, it would be a good consideration to get an expert designer in. Experts can also advise on what type of decking preparation you should get.  If you are going with the DIY approach, then you need to mark down your existing structures. Now measure from the wall to determine how many yards you want to get rid of. Think outside of the box for your design and be creative. If you are working with curved edges, then an ‘L’ shape might suit you best.

Get your design approved

Just like any other building project, you will need to follow building regulations. Contact your local council who can give you the right permissions and approvals for your area. Don’t go ahead and say ‘oh they did it, so I can’. Everyone’s property is different and therefore there will be different rules and regulations you will need to follow. There are also rules on how far from the fence line you can build and how high you can go with the roof. Do your homework before you start renovating.

Set your budget and work within it

Whether you are planning to build a whole new verandah or add more onto an existing one, you will need to know how much money it is going to cost and whether you can afford it. Take every little detail into account. A hammer might not seem like a big-budget item, but it is still something you need to pay for, and small things will add up on your list. Do some research online and get some starting prices for your building materials and permits. You don’t want to be falling short come building day.

Choosing high-quality materials

When it comes to choosing your materials, you may want to visit some neighbours or local experts to get some information about their experiences. You want a brand that is proven to last and handle the weather conditions of your area. Factor in any long-term plans into the project as well. Your verandah is a starting point for working in your outdoor space, and you may have plans to add further landscaping in the area down the track.

The key to a successful verandah is proper planning—dedicate time into preparing before you buy the materials or hire a contractor.


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