3 easy ways to reduce bushfire risk for older homes

3 easy ways to reduce bushfire risk for older homes

In recent years this knowledge was used to inform new construction methods. But older houses are usually not constructed to the same standard unless they’ve been significantly renovated.

Older homes form the vast majority of buildings in bushfire-prone areas. There are a few basic things that can enhance the performance of an older house in a bushfire. Here are three tips: three easy jobs that could be done over a weekend or two, and cheap things you might do in one afternoon.

Remove some garden beds near the home

This is especially true for garden beds near timber-framed doors and windows. For timber and fibro houses, garden beds adjacent to the home ought to be avoided entirely. At the minimum, prune dense bushes near timber-framed windows back.

Sand and repaint weathered wood door and window frames

As time passes, paint dyes and cracks appear in the exposed and weathered wood.

Enclose the subfloor using a metal mesh

If this area isn’t enclosed, these things will catch, often because of ember attack, and pose a threat to every room in the home. The exposed underside of wood floors can be protected using a lightweight, non-combustible coating.


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